Romantic Or Creepy? :)

So right now I was just laying in bed just painting away my Saturday night. 
I was feeling down thinking if I should stop trying to find someone to date and whatever, and then this guy Michael, that I haven’t talked to in a year, texts me. He sees how I was doing and all, and such. Well a year ago, I liked this guy, a lot. And I really wanted something with him, but he wasn’t looking for a relationship (he told me later on, after a few dates? makes no sense) Anyways, I stopped talking to him for the longest period of time with him. Now, tonight, he texted me, “Go outside” I was like why, and he goes ” Just please” and there he is waiting for me and he rushes to me and hugs me so tight and long, and is asking me “Please give me another chance” and he couldn’t stop smiling and he said I looked so beautiful, he was kissing my cheek and being so adorable. He said he missed me so much, after a year plus of not seeing me. He then asked if I could go on a date with him in a few days, and I was just nodding. He then let go of my hand and said “Don’t stop thinking of me” and kissed my forehead and left. I walked back into the house, not knowing what just happened ha. I don’t know if I should give him another chance or not. 
Any opinions/thoughts?



here’s a video of me